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Research Triangle

ACS is proud to be bringing their best-in-class testing and certification services to the "Triangle" area by opening our new state-of-the-art EMC test facility in late 2014.

We understand that RTP is one of the best places in the United States for technology and for business and we are very excited to become a "local".

All of our customers in the Carolina's are really excited as well to have the exceptional service and quality that much closer.

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Meet our team behind it all.

Our Team

Co-founder and CEO Michael Proffitt

Michael Proffitt


Technology alone doesn’t ensure effective and efficient compliance testing; it is the relationships and the trust forged between ACS and valued customers that delivers outstanding, expedient, results. Co-founder and CEO Michael Proffitt believes that these partnerships enable his company to accomplish the goals and objectives of each customer – and help them achieve success in their competitive marketplace.


Co-founder and President Scott Proffitt

Scott Proffitt


If you surround yourself with good people who are the best at what they do, you’ll have a team that is ready to tackle any challenge and overcome any obstacle. This is the philosophy with which Scott Proffitt co-founded ACS, and it remains a guiding force of the company today. Our people help customers navigate the compliance process and ensure that the experience is just as rewarding and positive as the results.


VP Technology Sam Wismer

Sam Wismer

VP Technology

Sam understands the intense pressure manufacturers face and the obstacles they must surmount to bring their products to market; he’s felt it himself. With 12 years of industry experience before joining ACS in 2001 as its first employee, Sam plays an integral role in ACS’s mission to remove barriers to compliance and ensure customers meet their objectives.


Director of Oporations Rusty Martin

Rusty Martin

Director of Operations

Global markets, laws and guidelines that never stop changing, and innovative products that never stop evolving. All of this creates a complex regulatory and compliance environment, one that can be difficult or overwhelming for manufacturers to navigate. ACS is committed to helping pave the way for customers, offering outstanding service and the most advanced testing methods. As Director of Operations, Rusty Martin ensures that ACS delivers exceptional results for every customer.


Director of Product Safety Doug Massey

Doug Massey

Director of Product Safety

Since 2002, Doug has been spearheading the entire product safety department at ACS into one of the world’s leading players. Thanks to him, ACS is one of only three companies in the U.S. that’s accredited to test on behalf of Underwriter’s Laboratories, and enjoys a solid relationship with European giant TUV-SUD, among others.


EMC Lab Manager Forrest Duncan

Forrest Duncan

EMC Lab Manager

Forrest has been in this business for over 40 years—a testament not only to his dedication to this job, but to the industry as a whole. He got his big break with NCR in the 1970s, when he helped lay the groundwork for ESD testing against electronic cash registers. Long before any regulations existed, he was part of a pioneering task force that locked themselves in a temperature-controlled room and began shuffling around nylon carpets to create static electricity and figure out this new-fangled electrical problem.


Director of EMC Steve O'Steen

Steve O’Steen

Director of EMC

Steve is a true lab professional. After more than 20 years in the compliance field, Steve is responsible for ACS’ EMC capabilities at all locations, ensuring the highest levels of capability and quality. And at a company like ACS, that is a big job.


Director of Wireless Certification Kirby Munroe

Kirby Munroe

Director of Wireless Certification

Nobody understands wireless technology like Kirby does. His fascination with the electromagnetic industry began at Florida Atlantic University, where he specialized in EMC, which quickly landed him a position as a compliance engineer at Motorola. Here Kirby was able to really sink his teeth into developing EMC and EMI testing at the ground level, and he advanced to senior compliance engineer, becoming a major figure in their EMC lab.


Business Development Manager Jason Gerke

Jason Gerke

Director of Business Development and Sales

Jason does more for ACS than could fit on a business card. In addition to his main responsibilities as the company’s business development manager, Jason is a strategic planner, operations manager, proficient time manager, perpetual student, compulsive analyst and pretty solid recreational surfer.


General Manager, Military and Aerospace Division Jeff Prosser

Jeff Prosser

General Manager, Military and Aerospace Division

There are many reasons why Jeff is the best man to lead ACS’s military and aerospace division as general manager—many of which, for top-secret reasons, can’t be discussed. Suffice it to say, Jeff spent three years in the 1980s as a TEMPEST engineer, picking up leaking radio and electrical signals from his base at the Honeywell Signal Analysis Center in Annapolis, Maryland for the National Security Agency.


Manager – Certification Programs/Quality Assurance Randy Abernathy

Randy Abernathy

Manager – Certification Programs/Quality Assurance

From its founding in 2001, ACS has distinguished itself in the compliance testing industry with the caliber of its people, the depth of their experience, and their shared commitment to delivering exceptional service and results. As Manager of Certifications Programs and Quality Assurance, Randy Abernathy ensures that ACS meets and exceeds our own high standards, streamlining the certifications process for customers. Randy joined the ACS team in 2007, bringing over two decades of intensive industry experience with him. After earning a diploma in Electronics Technology from North Georgia Technical College in 1983, he took a job with the Rockwell International Missile Systems Division. He spent his days as a Test Technician and his nights as a student.


CB Manager Jeff Woods

Jeff Woods

CB Manager

Jeff is a wireless whiz, through and through. After earning both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering, he went on to work for the next decade at some of the largest electronics companies in the world, focusing on learning the ins and outs of cellular technology at Motorola, Panasonic and EMS Wireless before joining ACS in 2006 as a CB Manager.


EMC Manager Jean-Charles Thierry

Thierry Jean-Charles

EMC Manager

ACS works with clients who continually push technology’s boundaries and innovate products that will enhance their industries and the lives of their end-users. They rely on superior – and streamlined – testing and certification services, and ACS is committed to meeting and exceeding their rigorous requirements. With unerring integrity, insight, and technical expertise, Thierry Jean-Charles, EMC Manager at our Boca Raton facility, leads a team that delivers exceptional results for every client.


Senior RF Engineer / Lab Manager Mario de Aranzeta

Mario de Aranzeta

Senior RF Engineer / Lab Manager

When ACS launched a new facility in the heart of Raleigh NC’s Research Triangle Park (RTP), we knew we had to hit the ground running. RTP is home to some of the most innovative high-tech companies in the world – companies who demand industry-leading EMC/EMI testing and wireless certification to advance their products to market. With his extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge of wireless technologies, Mario de Aranzeta was the logical choice to lead the Raleigh team.


Mac Elliott

Mac Elliott

Certifications Engineer / Quality Manager

Commitment to quality, excellence, and to meeting and exceeding customer expectations were deeply ingrained into Mac’s work ethic over his 23 years at Motorola. Mac has over 25 years of experience in compliance testing and approvals and many years of experience with Guide 25 / 17025 accredited quality systems. This makes Mac a natural fit for ACS where he will be assuming the role of Quality Assurance Manager and Certification Engineer.