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Research Triangle

ACS is proud to be bringing their best-in-class testing and certification services to the "Triangle" area by opening our new state-of-the-art EMC test facility in late 2014.

We understand that RTP is one of the best places in the United States for technology and for business and we are very excited to become a "local".

All of our customers in the Carolina's are really excited as well to have the exceptional service and quality that much closer.

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ACS Helps Global Defense and Technology Company Cut Testing Budget in Half and Save Time

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ACS’s engineers have great expertise and solutions available. They are not just there to turn the knobs; they are there to contribute. – Woody Hawthorne,
Electromagnetic Compliance Analyst for Northrop Grumman

50% reduction in cost savings due to competitive rates and travel saved
100% of deadlines met through superior knowledge and experience
Significant increase in time to market due to speed of service.

The Story

Northrop Grumman Corporation is a global defense and technology company that
provides innovative systems, products, and solutions to government and commercial
customers worldwide. When their EMI lab was taken apart two years ago and used for
other services, they began shipping their equipment and engineers to New York at
considerable cost and expense. Due to stringent military testing standards, they
required a compliance testing lab with considerable expertise and experience. However,
having decided to maximize their testing budget, they needed to resource a local facility
that could comply with the strictest requirements and meet their critical deadlines.

“The first thing that impressed us about ACS was their experience and personal attention to our project,” says Woody Hawthorne, EMC Analyst for Northrop Grumman.
“They are one step ahead of the game and have things pre-staged so that procedures
are handled quickly. Their rates are also reasonable and they work weekends, which is
extremely important to us when we’re trying to meet our deadlines.”

Andy eventually decided to work with ACS because of their 20 years of experience in the industry, cost-effectiveness and high-level of customer service. “ACS was the only company that seriously considered helping us.” recalls Andy. “Their work ethic is pretty high on the list – that is what really impressed me. I’ve worked with several companies but they really took an interest and made sure that we met the required standards.”

With the Northrup Grumman’s average unit weighing in at over 500 lbs, and a minimum
of three of their own engineers to accommodate during testing, ACS’s ability to
offer military compliance services locally was a huge plus to the company. “Traveling to
New York is expensive,” says Woody. “At our last estimate, Rubicom was already saving
us 30% due to their competitive rates; but factor in the travel expense and you are
looking at a 50% cost savings.”

Woody highlights Rubicom’s willingness to work weekends and resolve anomalies as
proof of their dedication. “Their flexibility is extremely important. They have met our
testing deadlines 100% of the time and if there are problems, they have great
expertise and solutions available. Sometimes they will come up with suggestions that
we haven’t even thought of! Their engineers are not just there to turn the knobs; they
are there to contribute.”

ACS’s vast experience in the military, aviation and commercial testing industries
has provided Northrop Grumman with a significant increase in the time to market
equipment. Their knowledge of military testing standards has resulted in the
elimination of unnecessary procedures and a tightening of processes. The additional
help of experienced general managers such as Jeff Prosser, previously of Harris, have
really contributed to streamlining efficiencies.

“I’ll give you one example of how thorough these guys are,” Woody continues. “Once
we were going to do a test where we needed a specific piece of equipment that we
didn’t have. ACS’s engineers were not only able to find the part but, when it turned
out that we didn’t use it, they didn’t throw it away. They carefully stored it for future
use. Well, it came time later for us to test a smaller version of the same equipment and
they had the piece before we even realized. I cannot stress how much time and
aggravation that saved. It’s the little things – that small attention to detail that really

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

ACS is a specialist in compliance testing to meet EMC, environmental and product safety standards. We help companies get their products to market faster through careful and precise compliance analysis. Our process is a combination of exceptional service combined with excellent facilities to adapt, meet and exceed every one of our client’s unique situation and needs.