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Research Triangle

ACS is proud to be bringing their best-in-class testing and certification services to the "Triangle" area by opening our new state-of-the-art EMC test facility in late 2014.

We understand that RTP is one of the best places in the United States for technology and for business and we are very excited to become a "local".

All of our customers in the Carolina's are really excited as well to have the exceptional service and quality that much closer.

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Airborne Communication Provider Fuels Client Loyalty Through ACS

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“ACS has helped our relationship with Boeing tremendously. The support and execution from ACS has enabled us to exceed every Boeing deadline in the last year.” — Mark Spain,
Program Manager for Miltope Group, Inc.

75% reduction in time required for Miltope’s radio certifications for Boeing.
66% reduction in weekly status meetings.
ACS secured certifications for Miltope around the world, including Israel, China and Korea.
ACS enabled Miltope to exceed Boeing’s expectations, and develop substantial relationship capital with their

The Story

Miltope Group, Inc. develops airborne data management and communication products that form the backbone of local area network functionality for aviation operations. When they developed wireless cabin access points (CAPs) for the fleet of Boeing’s aircraft, they knew they needed wireless and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certifications for their product from the regulatory bodies of several nations. The problem was that while their radio vendor could handle the U.S. and E.U. testing and certifications, they needed a partner with the comprehensive capability to handle certifications for the Middle East and Asia as well.

“Countries like Israel, China and Korea all have different standards,” said Mark Spain, Program Manager for Miltope. “ACS had local representatives in the unique countries where we needed certification—and when they didn’t they would develop a local presence at my request. This made getting certifications a whole bunch easier.”

But it was the dynamic flexibility of ACS in meeting Mark Spain’s needs that really made the difference. “We used to fly by the seat of our pants, with Boeing requesting teleconferences three times a week to discuss schedules,” said Spain. “To address this, I started reorganizing everything by the project. ACS was very proactive in helping me accomplish this, researching upcoming projects before a P.O. was even in hand. And I could download all necessary status and information from ACS in advance, so I could report to the client with confidence. The result is that our weekly status meetings have now dropped from 3 to 1.” ACS now joins Miltope on the Boeing calls every week.

With this new process in place, Miltope’s EMC certifications for their CAPs have dropped in duration 75%, from almost a full year for the first product to just 3 months for the second.

The result? Miltope has come in ahead of schedule on every Boeing deadline for the past year, and Mark Spain feels that ACS has made it possible stating, “One thing is for sure, ACS has really been a key player—and a partner—in supporting Boeing. Without their efforts and their help, we really would have been in a difficult situation. ACS helped us to not only meet, but exceed Boeing’s expectations, and that has substantially deepened and lengthened our relationship with this key client.”

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

ACS is a specialist in compliance testing to meet EMC, environmental and product safety standards. We help companies get their products to market faster through careful and precise compliance analysis. Our process is a combination of exceptional service combined with excellent facilities to adapt, meet and exceed every one of our client’s unique situation and needs.