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Research Triangle

ACS is proud to be bringing their best-in-class testing and certification services to the "Triangle" area by opening our new state-of-the-art EMC test facility in late 2014.

We understand that RTP is one of the best places in the United States for technology and for business and we are very excited to become a "local".

All of our customers in the Carolina's are really excited as well to have the exceptional service and quality that much closer.

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Electronic Manufacturer Reduces Time to Market and Boosts Approval Ratings

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I have worked with several test labs but ACS was fully familiar with our requirements and really took an interest in our work. We now look to them as the benchmark. – Andy Garcia,
Staff Product Compliance Engineer for Beckman Coulter

ACS’s expertise and reliability contribute to 100% approval rating
30% decrease in processing time due to speed of service and efficiencies
Substantial cost savings provided due to streamlined services and time saved

The Story

Beckman Coulter, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems that simplify and automate laboratory processes. The company’s 200,000 installed systems provide essential biomedical information to enhance health care around the world. While the company has its own internal test chambers and qualified engineers in-house, their lab is for preliminary testing only and local compliance test labs were proving

Andy Garcia, Staff Product Compliance Engineer at Beckman Coulter, recalls an incident that highlighted their need for a reliable and flexible testing lab. “We had a situation once where the local test facility was down and we had a particularly large device. We called several companies that were in the proximity, giving them the specifications and the size. Most would not even entertain the idea of accommodating us.”

Andy eventually decided to work with ACS because of their 20 years of experience in the industry, cost-effectiveness and high-level of customer service. “ACS was the only company that seriously considered helping us.” recalls Andy. “Their work ethic is pretty high on the list – that is what really impressed me. I’ve worked with several companies but they really took an interest and made sure that we met the required standards.”

Some of ACS’s staff boast over 20 years experience in the engineering and design field and are trained to resolve anomalies in product compliance. “We are in a unique position,” says Andy. “We can pre-test products, so when we go to ACS, we are pretty confident that we will pass. However, 15-20% of the time we have had failures occur. ACS has greatly contributed to helping us resolve any technical or design issues there, rather than having to go away and figure it out, taking our approval ratings to 100%.”

ACS prides itself on its customer-focused approach; so the time spent traveling to the lab is offset by their internal efficiencies. “We have never had a time when we have arrived and their engineers have not had the equipment ready, calibrated and fully functional.” confirms Andy. “Even with the travel time, they have reduced our processing time by 30%, often having things done in one day.”

ACS’s streamlined operations have afforded Beckman Coulter with substantial cost savings in man-hours and the extra travel time it would need for re-testing. Now, with ACS tripling its testing facility in the next 12 months, there will be even greater opportunity for flexible scheduling, speedy accommodation and savings.

Andy is also quick to point out that ACS’s experience and knowledge of their requirements have made it easy to fit them in their processes. “We have worked with them for so long that we have really integrated them into our systems. They understood right up front what we needed: we now look to them as the benchmark and always judge what we do against ACS.”

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

ACS is a specialist in compliance testing to meet EMC, environmental and product safety standards. We help companies get their products to market faster through careful and precise compliance analysis. Our process is a combination of exceptional service combined with excellent facilities to adapt, meet and exceed every one of our client’s unique situation and needs.