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Research Triangle

ACS is proud to be bringing their best-in-class testing and certification services to the "Triangle" area by opening our new state-of-the-art EMC test facility in late 2014.

We understand that RTP is one of the best places in the United States for technology and for business and we are very excited to become a "local".

All of our customers in the Carolina's are really excited as well to have the exceptional service and quality that much closer.

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Wireless Data Collection Innovator Slashes Time to Market with ACS

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“ACS has some of the best technicians and engineers that I’ve ever worked with. These guys are the only player in town in my opinion, and I’ve been doing this (compliance testing) for years.” — Tim Walters,
Compliance Engineer for Cellnet Technology, Inc.

Cellnet’s time to market reduced by 25%.
Major reporting errors eliminated.
Flexible scheduling and competitive pricing streamlined Cellnet’s certification process, and enables them
to grow and expand their business faster.

The Story

Cellnet Technology is a leading provider of wireless fixed data communication networks that enable utility companies to read meters remotely. FCC compliance, temperature testing and environmental testing are all an essential and regular part of Cellnet’s business. The problem was that their previous test lab was not up to the challenge.

“Everything about working with our old outfit was painful,” said Tim Walters,
Compliance Engineer for Cellnet. “Their prices were high and their response was slow. But it was the miserable service that really was the breaking point. We would find major errors in reports, send them back, and get more errors in return. I felt like they simply were not interested in spending the necessary time with us to get it right.”

When Tim Walters started at Cellnet in April of 2005, he already had a previous relationship with Scott and Michael Proffitt, President and Vice President of ACS. He knew that ACS could get the job done right. Cellnet contracted the services of ACS initially for FCC testing, but the relationship was so successful that it quickly grew to encompass almost all of ACS’s service offerings.

“ACS was top notch service from the beginning,” declared Walters. “They adjust their schedule and their employee assignments to constantly adapt to our changing requirements. If we need a last minute test, they open their lab at any time to fit us in. Mistakes are almost non-existent, and any minor errors are corrected when I report them. To me, that kind of response means no problems.”

Tim Walters feels that the operating model of ACS has been instrumental to Cellnet in helping the organization bring product to market faster. “The pricing structure of ACS rewards us for being a loyal customer, and it is much less than what we were paying previously,” related Walters. “And anything we ask for, they bend over backwards to do. I can truthfully say that they have never failed in providing exemplary service. The result is that our time-to-market has decreased by at least 25% when compared to our previous vendor. To me, that’s the proof that quality service really can make a difference. Cellnet already has several million endpoints (wireless meters) in its network, and with the help of ACS, I’m sure we will continue to grow exponentially.”

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Compliance Solutions, Inc.

ACS is a specialist in compliance testing to meet EMC, environmental and product safety standards. We help companies get their products to market faster through careful and precise compliance analysis. Our process is a combination of exceptional service combined with excellent facilities to adapt, meet and exceed every one of our client’s unique situation and needs.