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Research Triangle

ACS is proud to be bringing their best-in-class testing and certification services to the "Triangle" area by opening our new state-of-the-art EMC test facility in late 2014.

We understand that RTP is one of the best places in the United States for technology and for business and we are very excited to become a "local".

All of our customers in the Carolina's are really excited as well to have the exceptional service and quality that much closer.

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A Telecommunication Certification Body can help with your wireless certification needs.

TCB Services

ACS is an authorized Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB), providing U.S. and
Canadian approvals for radio devices. ACS is able to fulfill all of your wireless certification
– our approvals engineers and experienced specialists can help you save time to market and money in the approvals process.

Our Wireless Certifications Testing and TCB Process

As an accredited and competent laboratory, ACS tests wireless devices to the applicable standards and completes the reports and applications necessary to secure the equipment grants of authorization. For the final step in the process, as an authorized TCB, ACS provides US and Canadian approvals for licensed and unlicensed radio products. ACS is able to deliver to our clients time and cost savings in the approvals process by positioning our highly experienced engineering staff on the front end of each testing project, and integrating our skilled certification specialists, who work well together, every day.

In most cases, where testing was performed by ACS, the application will be completed by ACS staff and submitted to ACS TCB. If testing was conducted at another approved test lab, the client, or the client’s test lab, can make the application to ACS TCB.

ACS FCC TCB Scope of Accreditations

The ACS TCB scope of capabilities covers FCC product classes A1,A2,A3, A4, B1, B2, B3 and B4.

ACS IC TCB Scope of Accreditations

ACS TCB is a designated Foreign Certification Body (FCB), accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute), under the APEC MRA, Phase 2, Certification. The scope of recognition is “All Radio Standards Specifications (RSS) in the Category 1 Equipment Standards List”

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